Thursday, May 11, 2006

Flight Of Fancy …

Scientists have embarked on a new project; tracking dragonflies as they search for warmer climates.


The team, led by a bunch of high-fiving lentil-eaters from Princeton University, attached tiny radio transmitters to the insects and tracked them from ground-based receivers and receptors attached to aircraft. They have discovered that the insects are capable of flying up to 85 miles (137 km) in a day.

Bugger me.


But I have to ask, how much did it cost, for heaven's sake?? Was it really necessary??? There are diseases that have yet to be cured, the hungry litter wastelands, yet a bunch of bespectaled tree-huggers are given a pot of cash to do this?!

I hope the dragonflies bloody well appreciate it.

Fine. I'll be applying for a government grant this afternoon as I wish to track farts as they leave my trousers in search of pastures 'phew' …



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