Monday, January 08, 2007

Noodle-Head ...

Sionara then to Momofuko Ando - the inventor of the infamous Cup Noodle.

Born in 1910, Ando-San founded Nissin Foods after WW2 in order to provide quick and inexpensive food for the masses. His dehydrated people's favourite was launched in 1971. Talking of launching, Nissin also came up with the idea of supplying Japanese astronauts with 'space-age' Cup Noodles for their Discovery trip into the galaxy in 2005. His company has lead the worldwide instant noodle industry selling 85.7 cups a year. Just add boiling water and, hey presto, good as new and ready to eat!

Let's hope that his family have decided against an open casket, covered only in a thin film of plastic and a boiling kettle alongside ...



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