Friday, March 23, 2007

Emergency Aid ...

This 'ere blog started in October 2005 and in that time I have introduced you to a multitude of daft stories, idiotic political decisions and my own personal views on a wide variety of subjects. In their brief history, these daily postings had yet to reach the dizzy heights of more than one comment or an unsolicited suggestion ... until yesterday.

The great loss of life attributed to natural disasters, the rich and famous being treated like deities, certain far away secular religious groups acting like children, the general public being held to ransom by an all-powerful local government, even the ridiculous and senseless detention of yours truly in 'Hotel Commissariat' last year - all have been covered here in great detail.

... but nothing can compare to an Englishman who's run out of tea bags - just watch the help pour in.

Just about says it all really ...


(Thank you to PE who's mid-Atlantic about now and my old flying mucker, LJ in NI.)