Friday, October 14, 2005

For What We Are About To Delete ...

During the summer months (as those of you who have read the previous posts will already know) I'm in the open air covering aeronautic events. This year was fairly reasonable with a large number of publications taking photos and/or articles.

As photo traffic is usually outbound from here, at times I receive images from other aviation journos whom I have encountered during the season. However, I detest photos of ‘self’ as I find that I am as photogenic as a car crash in a ‘hall of mirrors’.

However, here are three which fell into my intray;
From left to right, Haguenau, from Tayssett Pictures, The World Helicopter Championships, Rouen, from Swiss Tony and (bottom) Chambley Balloon Festival, from Bennie Bos.

You might like to have a look at a couple of websites, from those who sent me these images; Tayssett Pictures. Lisa works for Air France during the day, has some excellent aviation contacts and a 'certain eye' for images.

Then there's Bennie Bos. A Dutchman of note, who is probably one of the best balloon photographers going.

Finally, here's a wee request for those of you whom I may encounter during the 2006 season ... in order to get 'that' shot, please be sure that there is a distance of at least 5kms between us ... and a thick fog.

I thank you.




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