Sunday, April 02, 2006

Slap Ma Bitch Up Good …

There’s a young black kid, Alex, who drives the till in one of my local convenience stores - all items at least € 1.50 more than the supermarkets, that kind of thing. He's in his mid-twenties, speaks a spattering of English and dresses himself, more often than not, like a gun-toting downtown drug dealer. He's actually very sweet and enjoys practising his English whenever a tourist pops into to buy that essential item.

I've known him for about 6 years and have chatted to him at length about most things in life. His number one passion is music. Not Vivaldi or The Stones, nor is it Barclay James Harvest or Johnny Halliday. It’s rap - in yer face American 'Nigga' rap. His total disregard for the English-speaking tourist is beautifully illustrated when his shop is full of Americans, Brits or Aussies etc. It’s at this point that he decides to crank up the volume. Red-faced and shocked, there follows an accelerated exodus of clientele when "I wanna f**k you up the a**!" comes wafting across the breakfast cereals and potted preserves, at brain-melting volume.

Alex stands behind his cash register, oblivious to the meaning of these words. He closes his eyes, taps his foot and nods his head in approval - drifting away into a world of his own. "One day" he dreams "I'll be a serious rapper and I'll be famous!"

His other favourite is:

"I'm a Big Tymer nigga, yeah
Pulling trigger, yeah
A player hater to flip with, yeah
Gon' head and fill it, yeah
I be slanging wood, yeah
Out the hood, yeah
Let it be understood, yeah
It's all good, yeah
Got a nigga screaming large, yeah
On the hard, yeah
A smooth ghetto broad, yeah
I want the broad, yeah
A nigga do a trick, yeah
On the dick, yeah"


Alex is a bit like a child who learns a new swear word and doesn’t know what it means but uses it liberally all the same. I've suggested that he spends a bit of time translating these lyrics into French and then, maybe, tones down his in-shop entertainment. "I don't care. I like it", he grins.

You can't argue with that.

Call me a 'dub-ass cracker' but from where I sit, I've noticed how rap music has done nothing but alienate the black population from the whites. The song lyrics, along with the 'acts', are packed with aggression, overflowing with violence and more than a tad misogynistic. Gun crime, drugs and the wanton degradation of the fairer sex seems to fuel their every desire ... and we haven’t even broached the subject of how rich such rap stars are. Mind you, they are doing their best to kill each other in full view of the 'meed-ja'.

Take for example, The Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious? For what? I’d never heard of him until his murder was announced over the wires like he was a fully paid-up member of the world’s social elite. Notorious aka Biggie Smalls aka Christopher G. Wallace was a father of 2 children and only 24 when he was gunned-down. One can only assume that this was a gang-related drive-by, which is often the motive surrounding rap murders. His posthumous album, 'Life After Death', went diamond, selling more than 10 million copies. A fat lot of good that does him.

According to the records, there had been a falling-out a year or so earlier with another rapper, Tupac Shakur. It revolved around a $40,000 jewellery hold-up and five shots being sunk into Tupac. Mr Shakur survived and went on to say that Notorious knew about the plan to gun him down and failed to warn him. This sparked the East Coast West Coast war. The entire US became divided into two groups, the west side vs the east side.

Let battle commence.

Tupac Shakur was later murdered.

Followed by 28-stone Mr B.I.G.

The rap wars continue.

Guns and drugs reign.

Women are addressed as 'bitches' and 'hos'.

And from a small pumping epicerie in Paris, absorbed in his music, young Alex continues to naively regurgitate each and every phrase - as though he was reciting passages of the Bible to an approving Granny. The tourist shoppers come and go, their appreciation of music is broadened in an instant but at least they'll have something to write about on their postcards.

So don’t forget kids, anal sex is not for the faint-hearted … or for anyone suffering from dysentery …



Anonymous Paul said...

Amazing.....just amazing....

Sunday, April 23, 2006 12:11:00 pm  

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