Monday, March 13, 2006

3 Years In The Army Would Do 'Em Good …

Rioting, striking students.

Not in my day … blah, blah, blah … we had to sit up straight, obey orders and the word 'strike' only appeared in the dictionary.

It would appear all has changed for the worse. Now, striking at school is de rigueur - and it’s not just the teachers. Kids are now downing pens and papers, locking themselves in the school premises and refusing to work.
Well, they are in France.

As a key part of an unemployment-cutting strategy by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, the First Employment Contract (CPE) is a two-year contract for under 26 year-olds which employers can break off at any time without explanation.
Basically, "anyone under the age of 26 can easily be hired and fired from a job within the first 2 years of employment"

So? It's like that in most places … except Germany, of course.

La Sorbonne, founded in 1257 by Robert deSorbon, had been under occupation by some 400 students until 4am on Saturday, when the Government and the Chancellor of Paris Universities Maurice Quenet said "enough is enough" … in went the riot Police. It took a little over 10 minutes to clear the halls.

During the stand-off outside, and the later rushing of the building, the Police may well have given the odd unwashed bourgeois pratt a black eye etc., but nothing life-threatening. In response to being turfed out of the building, the students had pelted the police with glass bottles, ladders, fire extinguishers and assorted furniture. All this had been faithfully captured on video by my dear friends at APTN. Naturally, the riot police didn't force their way in with feather dusters and with an invitation to tea and crumpets as a means of enticement. In went a small army of big, strapping, overweight thugs with plastic body armour and batons that hurt.

Paris's Socialist mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, said in a statement before police stormed the building, that he was "deeply concerned" about the use of force against the student protest.

However, Mr Delanoe is not exactly the sort of person you’d find throwing punches in a bar brawl … more a flash of manicured nails toward the eye region. How else do you think the police were supposed to deal with missile-hurling rich kids, eh Bernie?

I ought to point out that Azedine Berkane tried to assassinate dear Bernie on October 5th 2002. As Berkane drove his knife home, he was brought down by …?


A great big strapping policeman who used just a teeny bit of force - for which (like the riot police) he had been trained for.

The days of 'jobs for life' in France look like they're coming to an end and I can only give the following advice to the next generation of workers:

1) Don’t live off your parents until you reach 30 years old.
2) Find a job (yes, by yourself).
3) Work bloody hard at keeping it.

However, if they do loose their jobs within the 2 years, they automatically qualify for generous unemployment benefit ... which is how most of these scruffy youths will top-up their parents allowances anyway.

Being compeditive in the job market is called survival and it happens the world over - everyday - and without resorting to criminal damage.


I am indebted to 'anonymous' who left a note for the above post. 'Anonymous' pointed out that there should be an addition to the list. Apparently, No 4 should read 'enslave yourself'.

Yes, 'anonymous' ... life's a bitch, innit ... I take it that you're independently wealthy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4. enslave yourself.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:24:00 am  

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