Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall …

Here’s a quickie for you. What do the following have in common:

Have they:
All eaten fish and chips in Scunthorpe?
At one time or another, all played on stage with Paul McCartney?
Been booked by the cops for getting their knobs out in public?

The answers to those questions may well never be known but there’s one thing for sure, according to I bear a physical resemblance to them all. By ‘uploading’ an image of yourself, the database at the other end will match your facial features any number of internationally known celebs.

It didn’t stop there. It gives your match percentage, how true your features are to the celebs, and vice-versa. Mine were: Marciano at 63%, Palmer 53%, Bean 53% and Cleese 47%. However, there is a down side as it does cough up the odd unflattering compliment. My B-list contained Star Wars music composer, John Williams (62%), former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon (49% - gee thanks) and former Canadian PM Jean Chretien (53%).

But the outright winner was Shimon Peres at 71%. Hang on, what's this bloody fascination the database has with me and ex-Israeli Prime Ministers? I'm not even Jewish!

However, the database did kick up a surprising female match: Samantha Fox. Mind you, if I had tits like hers, I'd never leave the house ...

Please keep your comments to yourselves but you’ll all be uploading photos for a laugh. I can promise you that.



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