Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oddballs Come In Three's …

A couple of things I have picked up on over the past few days …

Firstly, England’s gangly striker and aerial threat, Peter Crouch. Strange that someone who stands at 6’7” (1.98m) should be so-called …

Then something written by one of Auntie’s underpaid online copywriters. It concerned Sweden’s coach who was trying to make a decision about his choice of goalkeeper for their first match. It read thus:

“Sweden coach Lars Lagerback opts for former Arsenal keeper Rami Shaaban in goal. He replaces first-choice Andreas Isaksson who is missing through concussion.”

Eh? Are you saying that Isaksson got a smack to the bonce, went for a wander and no-one knows where the f**k he is? Come on Auntie! You could try harder, you know. After all, you’re supposed to the guardians of our fine language.

Lastly, Mrs Beckham, wifey of ‘le beau David’, had a ‘nightmare journey to Germany’ to see hubby captain England in their opening game against Paraguay. Her scheduled plane was grounded at Madrid but in her desperation she dropped £30,000 for a private aircraft to get her to Frankfurt in time.

Nightmare? You don't even know the meaning of the word.

Keeping 'em peeled …



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