Monday, September 25, 2006

All In A Name ...

It is difficult for anyone in the UK to have missed out on the news popular television presenter Richard 'Hamster' Hammond was badly injured whilst filming for the BBC's Top Gear. The family have been inundated with flowers from well-wishers and the charity who run the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (who whisked Hammond to a Leeds hospital) have received £158,000 in donations. 'The Hamster' is well on his way to a good recovery and the show's fans (of which I am one) look forward to more mirth and silliness as soon as Auntie gives the nod.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) have now decided to bring forward their business plan and buy its second helicopter earlier than expected. 'Hammy's Heli' will be brought into service in the near future and I began thinking of the registration they might choose. All UK aircraft being with the letter 'G'. In France it's 'F', in the US it's the letter 'N' and in Germany, 'D'. This country letter is followed by 4 more letters, sometimes picked randomly by the Civil Aviation Authority but others prefer a more personalised registration. For example, Virgin airlines has a 747 registered as G-VAST. The current Yorkshire Air Ambulance is registered as G-SASH.

So, what for the future 'Hammy's Heli'? I've been on to the database and these ones are available;


It is interesting to note that if I was to purchase a flying thing and get it registered using my initials, the following is available;


Doesn't bear thinking about, does it.



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