Monday, October 02, 2006

It's A Mugs Game ...

Yesterday, the first Sunday in October, was the running of the 'Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe', France's richest flat horserace. The American have 'The Breeders Cup', the Brits have 'The Grand National' and the Micks, 'The Irish Derby'.

Ordinarily, national races have around 30 entries but, this year, the 'l'Arc de Triomphe' had only 8 runners and with a course of a little over 2kms, takes around 2'30" to complete. The Grand National at Aintree in the UK is run over 7.2kms ... you do the mathematics.

My beloved and I had a flutter. We didn't bet on form as we know bugger all about the sport, nor did we bet on the jockey's colours. We took the safe bet and went for nationality of the horse and/or it's name. For €1 it was never going to be Monte Carlo or bust.

I watched the 'off' over the road, 'chez Panoramix' and kept my beloved informed as to our financial situation by phone. One of the country's biggest sporting events isn't on terrestrial television any more, you need cable or a subscription to Canal +. The bar was full of the usual suspects, serial betters who weren't afraid to air their 'for what it's worth' opinions. Needless to say, our nag didn't make us rich as you don't win anything for 8th place. Apparently, its next public apprearance will be on the shelves of a number of popular supermarkets.

It made bloody Prix out of the lot of us.



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