Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I've Just Arted ...

I've been neglecting this column for a while as other events have taken priority.

A very kind owner of a bar/restaurant has 'given' me a space in his cellar to convert into a photographic studio. Measuring 7m x 3m, it's a gift which I now have to get working. It took 2 days to clear tables and chairs out of the way, and then there was all the building mess they left behind when they converted the former cheese emporium into the bar/resto. Spare doors, aluminium ducting, air conditioning vents. You name it, it was there, but now it's all stacked in another part of the cellar. I then washed the floor. What a cow of a job. Anyway, it's now all spick and span, housing my tripods, lights and stands. I can log onto the bar wifi system and have run out an electrical cable. It's now just a case of finding clients ...

On a slightly vainer note, the bar have also asked me to display a number of photos for an 'expo'. Back in October I chose what I wanted to show and had them printed up to 30 x 45 prints. I look at them now and one word comes to mind; "crap". So, a quick re-edit is required and more will be blown up by those helpful people at the lab.

Yesterday, I bought 10 frames and will spend today smothering them with brown goop to change their colour - dark staining. I hope to have them up by the end of the week.

Pass the drill.



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