Sunday, January 21, 2007

Three Strikes Of Wildlife ...

Our first dip into the animal kingdom comes from the UK.

An 18-month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (the sort of ugly looking creature that is paraded on the end of a studded lead by an equally ugly, bald-headed thug) almost came to a sticky end while out on a walk with her owner. Bella (Bella? Don't see anything 'bella' about this creature) was out chasing seagulls along a clifftop footpath, with her owner Dave Sneap, when her footing became a little unsteady. She lost her paw-placing and fell onto the beach below, some 200ft (61 meters). After a 40 minute search by the coastguard, the revolting square-headed jaw-monster was found safe and well. Naturally, Mr Sneap was delighted. "It's fantastic that she came out of this unscathed, it's unbelievable", said Sneap. Yes. Terrible. I almost care.

The second story, thankfully, is much more 'fluffy'.

Whilst out on a killing spree, a Tallahassee hunter shot and (so he thought) killed a duck. Believing the bird was dead, he went home and popped it in his fridge. Two days later his wife opened the fridge door and received the shock of her life - the duck lifted its head. The natural-born killer took the plucky duck off to a local animal sanctuary where a local vet took a gander at it. The duck is not expected to live out its days in the wild but will remain in the centre. "This shows how tough and adaptable wildlife are" said vet David Hale ... or just how stupid men with guns can be - or how often rednecks open their fridges.

Our third story involves a cat that survived 3-weeks as a stowaway on a trans-Atlantic jet, popping between the US of A and Europe. The poor creature was initially on a US flight bound for Munich when its cage was broken in transit. The moggy escaped and hid in the cargo hold for the next 21 days. No-one saw it and no-one heard it. The 'puddy tat' was eventually found when the aircraft landed in Denver and taken off to the vets where it received a clean bill of health. Ring an airline and tell then there's a bomb on the plane and they'll unload every last bag - loose a cat and they won't even bother. It says more about crappy baggage-handlers and the responsibilities of airlines than anything else ...

Got a cute animal story?

Good, then keep it the bloody thing to yourself as I'm sick of them.



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