Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Worth Thinking About ...

After a little over 10 years, I've kind of had enough of this place, it's mentality, it's inability to adapt and it's petty bloody rules and regulations. Rather like a small child learning to live with the world, whilst constantly being told off by an over-bearing adult: "Can't to this", "can't to that", "that's not allowed" and "don't even think of it" ...

It's not that I want to commit any form of crime, but simply the daydream of 'going postal' in the lobby of some institution brings a smile to anyone who cares to think about it. I even think that some of the locals have often dreamt of it too.

To get anything done around here means collectively raising your voice and your blood pressure. You have to be aggressive if you need anything from a public service provider and you're required to blow a gasket if a supplier spins you a yarn. Posturing like a B-movie mercenary is all they do and I've never seen a punch-up between two aggrieved motorists. They just posture and shout, rather like two warring birds of Paradise.

I was recently told that if I was to move to Rome, then two TV stations would give me as much work as I could handle. The News Editor was semi-serious. Hmmm. A move to another country at my age? With girlfriend and her child? I'm sure my beloved would love to go to Italy, after all, she swears beautifully in Italian.

With the French being quite so difficult to deal with, I fear that hopping over the frontier to mix with the equally highly-strung Mediterraneans may well be a case of "out of the frying pan etc".

But worth a thought. Let's see how the rest of 2007 goes ...



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