Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wear The Fox Hat …

The torching of cars and general civil unrest seems to be coming to an end. The government has extended its 'local curfew' regulations. On Tuesday 15th, President Jacques Chirac told cabinet ministers that the extraordinary powers are "strictly temporary and will only be applied where they are strictly necessary".

The total number of destroyed vehicles comes to 8,973 but a quick look at the number of cars torched in the UK each year by the young, bored and disenchanted, comes to 77,000. So, at under nine thousand, France's figure hardly registers on the scale.

A media-driven story? I think so …

Talking of which, the French are rather upset by the way the foreign meed-ja has reported on recent events. Our American cousins (who can't quite remember whether they used white phosphorus against Iraqi troops or not), did the most damage. Those bastions of tabloid fiction, Fox News, had their knuckles rapped by the French Foreign Minsitry. A graphic they used in between 'news' reports from the Capital, showed the Eiffel Tower in flames. The FFM wasted no time contacting Fox (via their Embassy in Washington) and, waving a Gaullist digit, said "We find your graphic highly offensive and if Fox wish to continue working in France, you’ll stop using it". They did. In an instant.

However, the best example of newsroom ineptitude goes to … (the envelope please Anthea) … CNN, who's geographical knowledge of this fine country has simply baffled them. Surely they possess an Atlas in Atlanta? Seemingly not.

Take a look at the above map (get a grown-up to help if necessary) and find five errors. When you have done this, put the towns into their real geographical locations.

Click on and tell them what a bunch of twerps they are.

Whilst CNN (who's tag-line is "Be The First To Know") are congratulating themselves on a job well done and dishing out high-fives to one and all, they might like to know that the above image was taken from a 'France 2 Television News' broadcast.

Who’s laughing now??

(Played out to the sound of Duelling Banjos ...)



Anonymous T7 said...

Did it!
Told CNN they were "the first to know wrong" (felt like writing something else but decided against it)

Well, at the end of the week i'll go to Strabourg...deep, deep in German territory

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 10:47:00 am  

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