Friday, November 04, 2005

Scratch Along With The DJ …

For 17 hours a day, from the confines of a van in the car park of a Los Angeles recording studio, comes the sound of ‘Dog And Cat Radio’. Founded by a Californian pet lover (who else?), the internet radio station is designed to ease the lives of our lonely furry friends around the world.

34 yr old Adrian Martinez, says that the station is aimed at pets who spend time at home while their “parents” are out at work. In between tracks Mr Martinez and his fellow DJs, offer practical advice to pet owners, plus a regular dose of the station's signature sound - barks and meows.

Owners are encouraged to send in pictures of their pets and there’s a section for ‘listeners’ can become VIPs, receiving a free monthly newsletter with information about pet care, places to go with your pet ‘and so much more …’

Asked about this idea, Mr Martinez said "My cat, Snickers, asked me to do it".

Bloody barking, if you ask me …

Vanilla Iced ...

More from California with some good news for those of us who like a refreshing gullet of Coca-Cola; the soft drink manufacturer is to end sales of its revolting Vanilla drink in the UK from early 2006. Here’s hoping they do the same across the European Continent soon after.

Despite only launching two years ago, some West Coast beverage consultant in a wide-awake suit and a mouthful of porcelain said “Coca-Cola has been doing badly and it is not working and not having the visibility that there is a decent chance that it will work longer term”. You mean ‘no bugger likes it’.

And what on earth is a ‘beverage’ anyway? What’s wrong with the word ‘drink’ for heaven‘s sake?

Vanilla Coke? Awful stuff. It’s like ordering a piece of juicy steak that tastes of cat food.




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