Thursday, November 10, 2005

He Giggles, She Doesn’t …

Those hysterical Americans have done it again … a Stanford University team have been monitoring brain the activity of men and women when they read funny cartoons. The team decided that there exists hard evidence of a gender divide when it comes to appreciating humour.

Apparently, the research may lead to a better understanding of a medical conditions called cataplexy - a sudden loss of control of movement linked to the emotions.

You mean … after drinking too much?

Elkie-holics …

Talking of drink, an old people's home in Sweden was recently under siege from a couple of drunks. None of this ‘closet-drinking’ stuff, these two got slaughtered in broad daylight and had the wrinkles all in a panic … well, you know what’s it’s like, a few beers and you get the horn …

The OAPs were happily going about their business in their sheltered accommodation in Sibbhult, southern Sweden, when a couple of wild Elks came sloping up to the property - blind drunk.

Apparently, the creatures had happened upon an apple orchard where tons of fermented fruit lay about. Following a few hours munching to their heart’s delight, the Mother-Son-combo went for a sightseeing tour of the neighbourhood.

Police attempted to chase them away from the retirement home and only succeeded when one of the officers produced a dog. The elks didn’t need telling twice …

An Elk hangover is something I could only aspire to …

Maybe This Is Not A Good Idea After All …

50yr old Venida Crabtree, of Cowley, Oxford in the UK, has finally passed her driving test. Congratulations, Venida!

However, she began taking driving lessons in 1972, aged 17 but 33 years and £27,000 (€40,148/US$47,131) later, she finally satisfied an instructor and was handed her full licence.

She’s currently driving a second-hand 980cc Suzuki. I don’t actually reckon she’s very bright … think what she could have done with that 27k … Mr Crabtree, can’t you have her for financial cruelty?

For Sale, Marathon Runner …

3yr old Budhia Singh, from the East Indian state of Orissa, had been sold for 800 rupees by his poverty-stricken mother. Sold? Yes. Apparently, it’s all the rage over there.

The boy just happens to be a seriously good runner and, when spotted by a certain Mr Biranchi Das, a deal was struck with his ’owner’. Mr Das handed over 800 rupees and bought the boy back.

Officials in the eastern state fear that the 3yr old, who has become reckoned for running marathon distances, is being exploited. For example, Budhia recently ran 60km (33 miles) in six and a half hours and has appeared in a number of TV commercials. The state government says it also fears the long distances may be damaging the boy's heart and lungs. Just for a laugh, he then ran (non-stop) from the holy town of Puri to Bhubaneswar, a distance of 60km (37 miles). A few days before that, he ran (again, non-stop) the 35km from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack.

"A team of three doctors conducts regular check-ups on Budhia to find out if anything is wrong with him. I don't know why these people are so concerned" says Mr Das.

Here’s hoping little Budhia gets picked up by Nike (or similar), who pay for his education and maybe he won’t end up in just another one of those sweatshops that are run by … err Nike.

Brazil Nuts …

Stop press!

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva watched a pirated copy of a popular film during a recent flight!

Government officials (ergo, the sneaks in this story) said the President's advisers had been responsible for obtaining an illegal copy of the Oscar-nominated film "2 Sons of Francisco". Apparently, El Pres was "saddened" by the revelation (but delighted by the film, no doubt).

Lula watched the film during a trip to Moscow in October - well in advance of the film being released onto the home market. “The advisers responsible for obtaining the illegal copy have been reprimanded “, the government said.

The film, "2 Sons of Francisco", by director Breno Silveira, tells the true story of Brazilian country music singers Zeze and Luciano di Camargo - two brothers who rose from poverty to fame.

Come on! What’s the problem? Who hasn’t watched, downloaded, borrowed or copied something ‘illegal’ using their computer?

Show of hands for the innocent?

Nah. Thought not.




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