Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mother Knows Best …

A concerned Mum in the English county of Devon has asked that single men submit an 500-word essay to a local newspaper as to why they think that they are good enough to date her daughter.

Linda Adams begun her appeal for men with the question "Who wants to date my daughter?". Unattached men between 24 and 30 are being invited to send in their sales-pitch and a photo to the Devon Journal.

Ms Adams, 53, said she wanted daughter Sabina to get a partner she deserved and that 'Brad Pitt look-alikes' would not be rejected. She went on to say that she was not looking for a husband for her daughter, but just hoped to find someone she could celebrate Christmas with after spending the past few single. Holistic therapy student Sabina has a six-year-old son.

Ahh, bless …

I don’t know about you, but put all the pieces together and you might come up with story not worth the ink …

"Say Cheese, Your Royal Highness ..."

Whatever one might think about the ‘toffs’, I have to say a word about Lord Litchfield who died following a stroke on Friday 11th November. Whenever he appeared in (or was mentioned by) the media, the line ‘the Queen’s cousin’ was neatly slotted in.

Maybe it would have been more of a struggle for him if he didn’t have the ‘Royal Connection’ rubber stamp, but go look at his images. You have to admit that they are beautiful.

It makes the crap I take look like, err ...crap?




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