Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Will It Ever End ...?

So, D-Day has arrived. I'm moving house.

At sundown yesterday, I had to sack one set of movers as they just couldn't get their act together (the cheapest of the quotes) and swiftly engaged the services of the next licensed bandits on the list. Almost twice the price of the other lot but if it'll get me out of here, I'll just have to bite the bullet and for that money, you'll find me sitting in the corner with a cuppa.

I ran out of cardboard boxes yesterday but the fruitier on the corner has a few banana containers 'round the back' for me. There's always something else ... just when you think that you have it cracked, you find another pile of crap somewhere. I'm now at the stage that anything not in boxes will be slung into black plastic bags and tossed into the truck.

The next time you should hear from me will be December 6th ... the cable/internet people can't get it together beforehand.

See you at the other end ...



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