Friday, January 06, 2006

And to kick off 2006;

Urine Trouble Now ...

A 77-yr old French senior citizen has just spent a night in custody in a Paris copshop after attacking a major piece of artwork - a plain porcelain urinal. The urinal, made by French-US artist Marcel Duchamp in 1917, was slightly chipped when the man hit it with a hammer on Wednesday.

So, who classed this as art?

Some tosser is a black polo neck no doubt ...

The piece, called Fountain, was attacked at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Police said the man had piddled on the same piece at an exhibition in Nimes in 1993. The work is believed to be worth some 3m euros (£2m).

3m euros for a urinal with grafitti on it?

Police said the man claimed the hammer attack was a work of performance art, the kind that Marcel Duchamp himself would have appreciated.

Well that's just taking the piss.

Happy New Year to all you urinal smashers ... maybe the 77-yr old has a point.



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