Saturday, December 03, 2005

Look What I Found ...

Here I am in my new home. The movers (3 of them) turned up on the dot of 10h30 and by 14h00 had me reinstalled 70m around the corner. The interesting thing was that they didn't bother to use their truck, they loaded everything up onto trollies and wheeled it round (it's a 'mover' thing). I would have thought that a fully loaded truck would have been quicker but there you go.

I spent a constructive Thursday afternoon and evening rebuilding the bed, hanging curtains and playing 'hide and seek' with boxes clearly marked 'cuisine' which were all in the living room and underneath boxes marked 'salon'. For a number of hours I thought all my plates had gone.

Very bad night's sleep and, Friday, I was up at 06h00 for a trip down to Lyon to cover the Face-Op press conference - more of that on the next edition.

I had assumed that all was lost internet-wise until December 6th, once back at home I popped in my Wi-Fi card and 'hey presto' I picked up a local network. Hurrah.

So, today I'm slotting the bookshelves back together and unloading the boxes.

If anyone is passing and ... any volunteers?

Nah. Didn't think so.



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