Sunday, January 08, 2006

In The Dog House ...

Wakko Jacko, the self-crowned King Of Pop, is being sued by a Californian vet for alleged unpaid bills. Martin Dinnes, top dog at Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Hospital, claims that the KOP currently owes him $91,602 (£51,729).

So, the truth is out … we now know who performed the ‘quick fix while-u-wait’ facial surgery.

Mr Dinnes helped Mr Jackson acquire animals for his Neverland Ranch, which he has not occupied since being cleared of kiddy fiddling charges in June of 2005.
The animals at Mr Jackson's ranch include giraffes, elephants, orang-utans and flamingos. Mr Dinnes' lawyer said his client has continued to look after the animals since Mr Jackson moved to Bahrain.

It is also claimed that the vet "filed the lawsuit with great reluctance and he has a lot of admiration for Michael but this is simly a business matter between them."

For someone who earns $2283 an hour, I think he should take his head out of the sand and pay the man …



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