Saturday, March 04, 2006

Remember Me This Way …

Now that Paul Gadd had spent his first day and night in prison as a convicted man, here’s something to think about …

1) 'Gary, the Leader Of The Gang' did commit the crimes he was accused of.

2) At the time, the children involved were financially rewarded by 'Gary'.

3) At the time, the parent(s) knew where their children were (all night long) and were financially rewarded by 'Gary'.

4) Now enter a scruffy, cash-rich tabloid hack. It doesn't take a genius to imagine that the families of the victims would agree to say anything in exchange for a year's income in used 'oncers'.

The Reuters news agency stringer wired his copy from the courtroom in Vung Tau which, in turn, had to be censored by HQ in London. Needless to say that a pre-edited copy was blasted around the empire as an email, so that all could read the gory details. To do what was described to a consenting adult is one thing, but to a child of 11?

I do not doubt that the 61-yr old ex-rocker committed the crimes he was sent down for, but I cannot help but think that a British tabloid newspaper accelerated the process and gave a gentle shove which helped cast a cloud across 'Gary’s' sun …

News organisations have listed this story under 'Entertainment'. Mmmmmm.

He was bloody lucky that he only got 3 years.



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