Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Glorious Victory, Despite Loosing More ...

On the May 7th 1945, General Alfried Jodl signed the unconditional German surrender document at Rheims, France. Germany had lost the Second World War. Official.

These days, however, it doesn't seem to be that clinical. Despite both Israel and Hezbollah agreeing to the UN ceasefire agreement, the pair of them are now claiming individual victory. Even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is getting in on the act by announcing that "a new Middle East has emerged" as a result of what he called "Hezbollah's victory over Israel in southern Lebanon". Cuddly Uncle al-Assad also praised the "the glorious battle" he said had been waged by Hezbollah, and went on to say that "peace in the Middle East was not possible with the Bush administration in power in Washington."

I think we can all agree with his last statement.

So, a few figures to mull over;

Lebanese deaths:
1,130 - mostly civilians
No precise figures of Hezbollah dead
Lebanese displaced:
700,000 - 900,000 (from UNHCR and the Lebanese Govt)

Israeli deaths:
Soldiers: 114 (IDF)
Civilians: 43 (IDF)
Israeli displaced:
500,000 (from Human Rights Watch)

David vs Golliath. So, if you agree to a ceasefire, a stalemate in general terms with large loss of human life, there's cause for victory celebrations? Shame it took 34 days to get there.

It's Iraq all over again.



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