Friday, September 08, 2006

What Next, For Heaven's Sake ...?

I woke up early this morning and through in the darkness of my bedroom, fumbled to switch on the radio. The grim headlines, crackling through the weak MW signal, reminded me that summer is well and truly over.

It's the bad news period; in the past week, Tony Blair has been forced to give a departure date as Prime Minister in the UK, after 7 children in his government threw their toys out of the cot and resigned. Then 'Un-Action figure' George 'Dubbya' finally came out (but not in that way) and admitted that the CIA has a network of prisons all over the world and that prisoners will now be treated under the Geneva Convention - torturing is no longer on the schedule for their bored servicemen/women and dogs (not that that was entirely surprising). In the Canaries, 900 refugees floated into their territorial waters and the headless body of Sudanese journalist Mohammed Taha was buried in Khartoum. The British armed forces were dealt a savage blow when 14 of their personnel were killed when a Nimrod aircraft crashed in Afghanistan and the WHO has announced that a virtually untreatable strain of Tuberculosis has been found.

I sold an SLR camera to a friend some time back and threw a small lens his way with "there, that should get you started ...". He's now quite a good snapper and is off to Equador on honeymoon and is looking at getting his kit insured. I dug my way through year's of sales receipts and found the one for the lens I had given him. 1250 Euros ... have I lost my bloody mind? Yesterday, I was asked to decorate the walls of a local restaurant with a selection of my photographs. Those poor diners won't know what's hit 'em ... now, how do I claw back that 1250 Euros ...



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