Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thanks, But No Thanks ...

The race for the fattest and most lucrative chair in the land, that of French President, is well under way. The result will be known in May of 2007 but who'll be higher than the law? On the right-hand of God? The tip-top of 'untouchables'?

Well, some of the pretentious would-be's have been doing their 'bit' around the country, speaking to the many who turn up to listen to their waffle. In a recent rally in Marseilles, Nicolas Sarkozy (Interior Minister) was seen shaking hands for the cameras with Doc Gynéco, a 'celeb' rapper who has thrown his support behind the diminutive Hungarian's bid to be invincible.

As it happens, Doc Gynéco's music appeals to the demographic that slots nicely into 'unwanted teenage pregnancies' ... and the young Mothers and Fathers still won't be old enough to vote come May 2007.


I bet Sarkozy was all a quiver knowing that was on the cards ...



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