Monday, August 28, 2006

One Weak To Go ...

According to scientists, Spring is now arriving 2 weeks early. This must be why the month of August has become monsoon season in northern Europe. This summer has been truly appalling, as was last year, and I guess we just have to get used to it. Note to self, 'cash in on the better weather in July next year'. In May 2007, they'll be a new French President so we had all better be ready for yet more changes.

Usually the month when the French down-tools and stake-out a patch of national beach somewhere, this August has been one of the worst on record and don't the Frogs know it. With people wary of traveling too far from home, the locals have just put up with flooded camp-sites and popular holiday destinations.

For myself, August has been one long month of doing stuff for other people. Three weekends 'reserved' for others with free photo shoots for friends and family. The last 2 weekends alone, saw me spending over 14 hours on trains and my poor beloved has only seen me in living, breathing 3D for a few days a week. It's not that I regret giving my time to those concerned as I would gladly do it again. It's just that I'm knackered.

This is the final week of the holiday season and today I have yet another train trip. This time, however, I get to stay in one place for a whole 6 days with my beloved. The 5yr old is spending time at an equestrian centre but for me, it's back to the country house for as much sleep as I can pack in, good healthy food, a few games of tennis and numerous long walks.

No doubt it'll bloody well rain.



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