Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One Up, One Down ...

If there was one new film I suggested you hire or buy, you couldn't go wrong with 'The World's Fastest Indian'. It's the true story of New Zealander Bert Munro, who's dream was to be the fastest man on a motorcycle. Anthony Hopkins plays Bert and the rest of the cast are too bad either. The film runs for 2 hours and follows this extraordinary man on his life-long ambition. Just don't watch the 'Making Of' in the 'extras' section of the disc. It's nothing more than a bunch of actors giving it all they've got in the mututal masturbation category. If you want to enjoy a superb filmm then this one is a real crowd-pleaser.

However, I suggest that you avoid 'Timeline'. Written by Michael Crichton, this journey back-to-the-past is no more than utter rubbish. It is flawed in oh, so many ways and contains several disasterous performances, namely that of Scottish comedian Billy Connolly (heaven preserve us from ex-welders with Equity cards). The plot is thus; archaeologists loose professor (Connolly), shoot back in time to find him, get beaten up by the maurauding English on the battlefields of France, find professor, try to get back ... Hollywood at it's very worst.

Sadly, the first film maybe seen as too lame for some yet the second will attract hoards of popcorn-munching zombies.



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