Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daniel In The Lion's Den ...

OK, so the new Bond movie opens across France today. Whoopie.

Frankly, I'm delighted. However, I dismiss criticism from purists who log onto Bond websites and bang on about 'this Bond has blue eyes ...' and 'this Bond has blond hair ...'. Who gives a monkey's? I certainly don't and neither did the Broccoli people who made the decision to cast Daniel Craig. The mere fact that 38 yr old can act seems to have been overlooked.

Last year, on this blog (Mother's Pride - Oct 14th 2005), the announcement was made that Craig had been blessed with the role of 007 and, as of that date, his financial and professional future had been secured. So popular is young Daniel that as we speak he is currently involved in 4 other productions - 3 outside the role of Bond. Where 'Casino Royale' picks up again is 'Bond 22', in it's pre-production stages at the mo.

So, cut the crap with 'he's blond with blue eyes' and celebrate that after 22 films the enigma which is Bond is still around to thrill and entertain. At least he isn't Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton ... or an American.



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