Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ridi-Yule ... Part Deux ...

Yes, it's finally happened! As my tail-out of the previous entry said (this is a direct quote which you can check for yourselves): "next, they'll be saying we can't put up festive decorations because it'll upset the non-Christians."

Before you could spell the word 'bauble', Christmas decorations have been banned by almost three out of four UK employers. Why? Well, for fear of offending staff from other faiths.

So, as a white European from the Christian world and, in say India, do you think that the locals would keep Diwali (a national Hindu 5-day holiday) under wraps just because they thought it would offend me, would they? Would they f**k! If I went to live in any Arab country and on April 10th, the Prophet’s Birthday, would they tone-down their festivities because of the thought of upsetting someone from another faith? Would they f**k - again.

I agree that this is a right-wing view (but that's free-speech for you) but I have to say that people 'of other faiths' now live in a country which is Christian-based and has the right to celebrate their national holidays. What next then ... no more Easter eggs? The UK puts up public and private decorations once a year - at Christmas. Take a look at any 'other faiths' national holiday and you'll see regular colourful decorations and huge public celebrations.

Fine, if there's discontent in the UK among the immigrants and those of 'other faiths', then put a cap on Diwali being celebrated in Southall - if the Brits have to limit their national holiday in their home country, then you lot can go and have a knees-up back where yours came from.

There was I thinking that the UK was a model nation for multi-faith tolerance, but a joke is a joke.

Agree or disagree? Suit yourselves.



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