Thursday, October 20, 2005

Going Loco Interviewing Yoko …

People have my deepest sympathy when their dearly beloved becomes the dearly departed, but in the case of Yoko Ono, I simply don’t understand her constant promotion of dear John.

I agree that the man was seriously talented and a fine songwriter but that’s about it. When the Beatles spilt in 1970, I was 9 years old. When Mark Chapman shot John Lennon in 1980, I was 19. Had I been born in the mid-50’s, I might have understood what 'Beatle-mania' was all about. But I wasn’t. So there.

John and Yoko spent many happy years together, doing whatever super-rich 'artistes' do - namely spending quite a large percentage of that time involved in self-publicity and trying to change the world - mostly naked. No bad thing, on the whole. Especially the ‘saving the world’ bit.

In Paris to promote (what else) 'John Lennon, Unfinished Music' at the Cite de la Musique, her trademark sunglasses perched on the end of her nose, Yoko bathed in the generous attention that was poured on her. The French lap up celebrity like mother's milk, so this was going to be a push-over. After spending 90 minutes interviewing Ms Ono today, there’s this little part of me that wants to say "OK, you had a fun time, acted like spoilt brats but changed bugger all". If you have money, people listen. If you are a celebrity, people listen. But if you are a successful muso living with a diminutive and, quite frankly, odd Japanese 'artist', then should people listen? Because of who John Lennon was, radio and TV stations, newspapers and fans alike, clamoured for a word, a phrase, a message … was he the Messiah?

With Yoko at his side, Lennon did some fairly outrageous things, but never anything which might cause harm to anyone. The word was ‘Peace’. The acts were peaceful. Their intention was peaceful. Their message was ‘Peace’.

My message is 'enough'.

This coming December marks the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s death but dear 72-yr old Yoko is still out there, at the forefront, driving the 'Lennon Deity Machine', unable to let sleeping legends lie in peace.

Let it be.




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