Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time Gentlemen Please …

You remember the days, jumping on the ‘No 72’ bus to go to work; “a single ticket to Threadneedle Street, a pint of Old Peculiar and a bag of pork scratchings please …”

According to two UK Sunday newspapers, the British government are considering a ban on passengers drinking alcohol on all forms of public transport, as well as on domestic flights. This, the report continues, is supposedly part of a crackdown on binge drinking.

I can’t actually remember seeing anyone drinking on public transport that regularly. The odd character with a bottle of hooch wrapped in a brown bag, perhaps, but certainly not people running up and down train corridors with trays loaded with pints of real ale. Those who’d like to sit in power (the dim world of the backbencher) have completely lost the plot. In order to get themselves noticed, the normally haranguing backbenchers are now inventing bills that, for all intense and purpose, are the ‘latest’ fad to hook your trailer up to.

The world has gone somewhat cuckoo and, in the ‘over-reacting’ stakes, has just popped it’s cork.

“Oh conductor, make that a return would you and another pint of Old Peck when you have the time …”

Bottom’s up,

(and where have all the conductors gone, eh?)


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