Friday, October 28, 2005

No Mo "Ho, Ho, Ho" …

If there was a 'hall of fame' for television commercials from across the world, the Jolly Green Giant in his skimpy leaf outfit would surely be one of the first admissions. Sadly, 80yr old Elmer Dresslar, the voice behind the Giant, died on Wednesday 26th October. "If nothing else", Dresslar‘s daughter Teri said, "it put my sister and I through college".

A spokeswoman for General Mills, the owner of the Green Giant Company, said Dresslar had been "the most consistent and most frequent voice of the Jolly Green Giant over the years - the one consumers are going to recognise".

However, despite being over 6ft (1.82m) tall, Dresslar was not the actor who appeared on-screen as the Giant in the TV commercials, The figure viewers saw was Keith Wegeman, an Olympic ski jumper.

Thank you Elmer, you've gone to the 'Valley in the sky' … you were picked from us at the peak of your perfection …

Strawberry Appeals Forever ...

Those arrogant French have been at it again. Some twit had a brainstorm and decided to try and trademark the smell of fresh strawberries.

Eden, who are headquartered in Paris, wanted to use the smell in soaps, face cream, stationery, leather goods and clothing. The European Union's trademark agency dismissed Eden’s request to own the smell.

Eden 0 - Strawberries 1

Storming off in a huff, not happy with the EU's ruling, Eden took its case to the region's second highest court. Their argument was that while strawberries may look and taste different, they all smell the same and, as a result, could be trademarked.

The court, however, took a different view. A group of 'smell experts' found that strawberries can in fact have up to five different scents and not just the one claimed by Eden.

Eden 0 -Strawberries 2

Back to the drawing board Marcel.

In fact, the only scent to be granted an EU trademark protection so far is the smell of freshly cut grass. The smell was registered by a Dutch perfume company that uses it to give tennis balls their aroma.

... and we know how much of a tennis nation the Dutch are.




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