Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Turning Japanese …

Johnny Halliday, the 62yr old French rock 'n roller has, for decades, been held aloft by our Gallic brothers and sisters though pity the poor sod who dares to criticise 'notre Johnny'. Every known culture on this planet has an brow-beaten, aging entertainer whom they worship and protect. Johnny is theirs, all theirs …

On June 15th 1943, in the leafy town of Malesherbes, Huguette and Leon Smet were blessed with the arrival of little Jean-Philippe. With American rock 'n roll flooding the world in the 50's, Jean-Philippe discovered that he could play the guitar and sing. Naturally, the French were in dire need of rock music in the same vein, stuff that they could actually understand - Johnny Halliday was born.

After appearing on the Ed Sullivan show in 1962, this good looking all-French rocker (whatever that means) was tipped for the top. His clean-cut image and his street-savvy features were all that the French desired and, since then, Johnny has gone on to rock the French world for over 40 years.

However, over time, Johnny hasn't aged as gracefully as his rock ballads. The fresh looks have gone, replaced by what can only be described as 'the after effects of a vicious knife fight'. Now on his 4th marriage to (as the German Tabloids refer to as Das Fotomodell) Laetitia Boudou, the scars of recent plastic surgery have changed JH from 'ideal heart-throb' into 'Ming The Merciless'. In 2004, he and Laetitia adopted a little Vietnamese girl (a clue perhaps?) called Jade.

Even today, he still manages to bump and creak to sell-out audiences in the larger auditoriums. Dates for his Flashback Tour are taking bookings even up until the end of November 2006. He has sold over 80 million records, 18 platinum albums and performed to more than 15 million people. To keep his legions of fans in 'adoring mode', naturally, he has a website but you won't find a 'gallery' section there. Oh no. Let them get close, but not too close.

You have to hand it to him, he's got guts and staying power (and possibly a few battery-powered appliances back home for 'er indoors) but the years have slipped by, as cruelly as the surgeon he paid, who gave him such a battering under the knife.

Adiosu and shiawase Johnny … the kimono's in the post.




Anonymous T7 said...

I shall be the only,
I shall be the one,
I shall be the traitor,
I shall be the infamous daughter of the French nation.....

I shall not, I will not, I don't like "johnny"

That's it, I've said it

...... feels better........

Friday, October 28, 2005 12:48:00 pm  

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