Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fat Lip …

So, not only did Arnie upset his fellow (hang on, once fellow) Austrians over his reluctance to pardon a prominent US death row inmate, but now the California governor has admitted to breaking the law in his adopted US.

A few days ago, the 'incomprehensible one' took his Harley Davidson motorcycle out for a spin in the LA traffic - his 12-year old son, Patrick, in the sidecar.

Well, Arnie crashed into a tax-payers car, and guess what, he doesn’t have a motorcycle license.

Imagine, someone as high up in the Kennedy family (go and do a search for bimbo wife Maria Schriver), currently Governor of the State of California, involved in a road traffic accident and who has been driving his ‘Hog’ illegally since moving to the States nearly 25 years ago. After the latest scrape, Arnie suffered a cut lip which required 17 stitches.


Anyone else would be charged, fined, jailed and (if Arnie was in control, which he is) given a lethal injection.

In 2004, he spent four days in hospital after breaking six ribs when his (unlicensed) motorcycle collided with a car. The Tyrolean Tyrant was elected governor of California in 2003 and has confirmed he will seek re-election next year - and maybe apply for a bike license, eh Arn?

After all this ho-har, apparently, ‘the Governor’ could face a fine. Now, watch the 1st year English student get out of this one …



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