Monday, June 19, 2006

You’ve Heard Of Dutch Caps …? Well ...

With the media spreading the word about trouser-less Dutch fans, I couldn’t help but notice it myself. 1,000 undie-wearing Dutch watched their team take on Ivory Coast in a World Cup match the other day. Odd? Certainly. Expected? Not really … the Dutch are an odd race of tall people at the best of times.

The fans arrived for the match in their traditional bright orange trousers which bear the logo and name of a Dutch brewery. However, to protect the rights of the official beer they were denied entry, so the male fans promptly removed the trousers and watched the game wearing just their underpants.

That well-known clean-as-the-driven-snow organisation FIFA, said an attempt at an "ambush" publicity campaign was not allowed. The American firm Anheuser Busch, which makes Budweiser, won the exclusive right to promote and sell its beverage in the stadiums and other venues.

Won? They paid $50m (£27m) for the deal! Does that mean that Eng-er-lund can pay to win the Cup? Furthermore, football (the way we know it) isn't even America's national sport. Buying up the rest of the world is ...

Anheuser Busch claims that Budweiser is a beer. Well, as far as the pride of German beer goes, it’s piss. Absolute piss. American’s drink ‘lite’ beer anyway so their knowledge of real beer doesn’t even show up on the radar. German beer is strong, flavoured and tastes of … beer. Not piss.

So in future, does this mean that anyone entering a footy stadium wearing an Adidas shirt, when the home team are sponsored by Nike, they’ll be asked to remove the offensive piece of clothing?

Where’s all this World Cup goodwill?

… and I always thought it wasn’t the winning that was important, but the taking part.



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