Friday, October 06, 2006

Heard The Latest From The Cayman Islands ...?

When I do someone a favour, no matter how big or small, I certainly do not do it for the chance a kick-back. Nor do I do it in order to pull in favour from them in the future. Mates are mates, after all.

Today I took delivery of this nice new shiny box.

Let me explain. It's a geeks play-thing and something that'll keep anyone indoors all day (raining or not). In two words, it's a Wi-Fi Radio. Give it a supply of mains electricity, log into the signal of your home Wi-Fi system and start listening to radio stations from across the world. And the sound is stunning. It's so simply to operate, even I figured it out.

If there's a radio station in the world with a simultaneous internet broadcast, this thing will have the bloody thing listed. In the UK alone, there are some 475 stations - some uniquely internet based. Do a search through Europe, the US, Africa or the Orient and you'll find stuff to listen to. Some may not find this at all interesting but I don't care - I find it fascinating. My favourite station is BBC Radio 7, especially the 'On Demand' section. Naturally, you can listen to internet radio using a PC or a Mac but this is a stand-alone dedicated radio - no need to boot up a computer anywhere.

All I did in return for this fantastic shiny box was take a few photos of a mate's wedding, although he insists it's part birthday present. I certainly didn't expect anything in return but away he went. A favour is a favour and TS has made me feel somewhat embarrassed as I really don't deserve it. I am very, very touched.


For Summer 2007 ...
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