Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Behind Bars ...

Fancy a change this Christmas? With the 'pigging out' season just ahead, I thought I'd bring you news of something just for you. None of this bloody sharing crap. No, this is something just for the adults and for them alone - no kids involved. Besides, they wouldn't appreciate it. On a recent trip to the supermarket, my beloved discovered a bar of chocolate, the likes I've not seen on the shelves before. I'm not saying that it's going to turn the chokkie world on it's head, but it tastes delicious and is very more-ish.

From the Callier factory in Vevey, Switzerland, comes FRIGOR - in both milk and plain varieties. As the bar we munched on over the weekend was so good, I bought another one on my way into work yesterday. I am pleased to say that my friend and colleague, TS, also put his stamp of approval on it (mind you, he's a bit of a cullinary pushover at the best of times).

I am sorry that all I have to talk about is a bar of chocolate, but the rest of the world is far too miserable right now. Pinochet is dead, the report on the death of Lady Diana comes out on Thursday (and we all know that the driver was pissed), Segolene Royal cannot speak in public (if you heard her 'speech' yesterday, you'd agree), Baghdad is still a mess, the Lebanon is on the brink of civil war and the Palestinian child-killers have gone nuts.

Talking of which (and taking a leaf out of an earlier entry in this blog), *WARNING* - Frigor chocolate contains nuts.

There, you've been told.



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