Friday, December 08, 2006

Get 'Em Off ... Including The Tax ...

The French have a knack of finding reasons to tax you - I'm talking about financially. Wasn't it Chirac himself, who insulted the great Northern European nation over their food? The French have a tax for everything, you name it. Not only a high rate of TVA (VAT) but a wide range of civil and social charges, levied on the individual and companies alike. However, those happy Norwegians have recently changed the way people look at naked women - especially those who peel off their outer garments for money. Yes, I'm talking about stripping.

Earlier this week, a Norwegian appeals court ruled that striptease is an art form and, therefore, is exempt from value-added tax (VAT). The overbearing tax authorities had demanded that the owners of the Diamond Go Go Bar in Oslo had failed to charge and subsequently declare 25% VAT on entry fees. The tax authority then took the bar to court over the issue but lawyers for the bar argued that striptease artistes were stage performers, just the same as sword-swallowers and comedians and, thus, deserved the same status. The Diamond Go Go Bar, who are to be found on the 2nd floor of Tollbugt 8 B, Oslo, were delighted at the outcome - especially when the court ordered the state to cough-up for the bar's court costs.

For all those weekend fun seekers, entry to the bar will put you back a mere €12 but a private dance will lessen your wallet by €123. In total, the tax authorities loose €3 per person. Any reason to deny a government their cash should be celebrated - and now with value-added Nordic beaver.

One return ticket to Gardermoen International please Miss ...



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