Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Flickr Of The Wrist ...

Hello fellow villagers.

It's not often that I find people with the same warped, and frankly odd, sense of humour that I have. After trawling through a number of daily news pages, I found myself linked to a particular site. It started with a report about people in the UK who have been caught not paying for train fares or those drop litter and divorced or separated fathers who do not keep up their child payments. Individuals names and part of their addresses are being published on the net (and on public posters) so that others may heap shame on them.

One article had used an image from the site I am about to direct you to and, as you will soon find out, should you continue through the image site you will find that the owners have a particular sense of humour. This I enjoyed. They may not be the best photographers in the world but they do possess a keen eye and a knack of finding things that some would simply not notice. I'd like to drop them a line to congratulate them but I cannot be arsed to sign up for a free account and suffer a constant flow of ad-filled spam mail from the Flickr site administrators. Whatever happened to 'to leave a message, click here'. Now it's 'to leave a message, click here and we'll send you hourly unwanted crap telling you you cannot live without our product and the only way you will ever be able to get away from us is by changing your email address and moving to Alpha Centauri'.

But that's another story.

Cut and paste this link into your browser:

and flick through the photos ...



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