Friday, January 26, 2007

Can't Go Out Today ... Can't Get Back In ...

It's coming up to 08h and, already, today is shaping up to be another day from 'shitsville'. The building was rudely awoken at both 01h30 and 02h30 when some arse started using a electric power drill in the adjoining building. There was much banging on the walls from neighbours but I doubt that the arse heard.

I finally surrendered to my broken night at 06h30 and got up and was the first customer through the doors at the 'Panoramix Coffee Emporium' at 07h. Then round to the bakery for a fresh baguette. However, on my return home, I was in for a surprise ...

The security key for my front door (apartment, not building) has stuck fast in the lock. I cannot turn it left nor right. It won't come out of the lock. It will not budge. So, the door is left open ajar because if I close the door, the handle on the inside won't move either and I'll be trapped inside - if I go out and close the door, I can't get back in. Thankfully, the owner of what is now my temporary prison cell, is back from Canada and residing in the apartment below. Emergency locksmiths, as any 'artisan', cost a fortune and with a 'porte blindee' (heavy metal security door), it's around 500 beans to change the lock tumbler.

And now a song, in the key of Yale and Chubb ...



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