Thursday, February 08, 2007

Veritable Theme Park ...

There was once a time when the chest on the left claimed to belong to the tallest woman in the world. In fact, the claim was that this Dutch monster (7' 4" and 320 pounds) had beaten all-comers to the Guinness Book Of World Records. However, it was all a bit of fun. Her name (supposedly) is Heather and she's from the USA. In her stocking feet she stands at 6'5" and in heels, a tad over 7'. The real holder of the record is Sandy Allen from Indiana who stands at a staggering 7' 7". This, and other photos of Heather, were possible because she consistently poses in high heels next to people of shorter-than-average height, thereby enhancing her stature.

Oh, give me the keys to the adventure playground ... with an hour to spare, I reckon I'd be bored stiff.



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