Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SAS - Simply Add & Subtract ...

With reference to a previous entry, "From Out Of The Archives", I am indebted to LJ for responding thus:

"I'm sure you are aware that many members of lesser ranks in the Armed Forces were of the opinion that a) Andy McNab (not his real name) should have been court-martialled for the fiasco now known as "Bravo Two-Zero" and b) that due to the literary (I use the term in it's loosest possible sense) efforts of many ex-SAS troopers, the regiment is now a spent force in that every tinpot dictator or lunatic government knows to expect them prior to the opening of hostilities and therefore are on their guard. There's a feeling that perhaps it's time to close down the regiment, simply because their former "mates" and colleagues have completely "blown" the fundamental ethos of the SAS, which is "in and out and NOBODY NOTICES". They have betrayed them to the enemy, current and future, for the chance of a fast buck."

... and have also betrayed their colleagues, their leaders, their country and that little dotted line where they sign their names. It's what happens when celebrity goes to your head.

Thank you LJ. I think we can put that one to bed now.

Next up: why do the French treat foreigners like skant-ridden vermin? Stay tuned for a good old fashioned rant ... but first, some music ...



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