Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Global Round-Up ...

Bill's New Pane: Gates says that Microsoft's latest Windows platform is "more secure". Than what? The last load of crap you dumped on us?

Hubble Bubble: NASA says that the main camera on their Hubble Space Telescope has broken. What, again?? Hope they kept the bloody receipt.

All Greek To Me: Athens schoolchildren surround the Acropolis demanding that the UK returns the Elgin marbles which were whipped from under their noses 200 years ago. Nice try. As if.

Lost Vegas: Manchester, in the UK, is to become the venue of a new super casino. Cool. Somewhere else to spend that Giro cheque.

Five Ring Circus: Chinese authorities have told Olympic officials not to indulge in corrupt or immoral behaviour during their 2008 Beijing Olympics. Shame it can't be adopted for everyday use.

Crying Over Spilt Milk: A woman sat in a bath of cold milk outside the UK's Parliament building to protest at the price per litre dairy farmers are paid. Silly moo.

In The Nick Of Time: Rock group, 'The Police', reunite to play at next month's Grammy awards ceremony. Gordon must be in a benevolent mood - the other two aren't exactly raking it in at the moment.

A Touch Of The Squits: England's cricket team loose again. When our infamous 11 tour other countries, do they ever go down with a dose of tummy gip? It's about the only thing they're likely to catch and the only runs they're ever going to get.

Old Man Stands Up: Pictures of Fidel Castro standing up and drinking orange juice have been aired on Cuban TV. What a treat. In next week's episode, the Old Man brings the orange juice back up. Stay tuned.

Got To Get A Message To You: David Beckham is going to play footy in the US - a deal worth 193m Euros. I wonder, is this for him to play ball or to stop her from re-launching her singing career? You choose.

Life's a little boring at the moment, no?


My thanks to DM for the pic.


Blogger Joker said...

It's probably a good time for us Brits to find a sport that we can actually win, as apposed to all the ones we've made that we get whipped at!

Saturday, February 03, 2007 10:43:00 pm  

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