Monday, June 26, 2006

Grosso Overacting-o ...

Down to 10 men, Italian acting talent sent the Australian Socceroos out of the World Cup and back home. Fabio Grosso was 'brought down' by Aussie Lucas Neill as injury time ticked away. Italy was awarded a penalty and qualified to the last eight.

"And the award for the the best dive in a professional capacity goes to ..."

As Grosso lie in the penalty box (in a state of near death, going by his facial expression), his team mates surrounded him and were clearly congratulating him on a job well done, "Stay down, looks like you got a penalty out of that, well done!"

The referee needs to be locked in a padded room and repeatedly shown a slo-mo replay of the performance and the Italians ...? Well, they shouldn't attend any further acting lessons - they graduated with flying colours.

Better luck next time Socceroos, you deserve better.

And the Italians? Your soccer is about as unbiased as your politics ... and about as believable.



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