Friday, July 07, 2006

Camera, Sound, Action ...!

As other connoisseurs of the 'natural tripod' will agree, there's nothing better than finding a handy yet stable camera platform when out on assignment. I do it regularly. Rubbish bins, tables, parking meters and public benches all get the treatment.

There I was, enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee with my beloved, when Gramps (pictured), wanders up to a nearby scooter, places his handcam on the top box, zooms into a plaque on a wall ('Moliere was born here', that sort of thing) and starts narrating a pre-prepared text into the on-board microphone.

The thing is, the scooter in question was mine. I thought about toddling over and charging him for the facility. Cheeky sod. Then I remembered that I do exactly the self-same thing as he - I use other people's property all the time as a camera stabiliser.

However, it's different when it's your stuff, isn't it?



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