Monday, July 17, 2006

Take That ...

Well, that's it for another 4 years. The cry-baby Italians made off with the World Cup after what was billed as an awful game for the French.

As full-time was nearly up, Zidane was apparently provoked into headbutting the Italian player after a racist remark. As in the 1998 competition, the saviour of French football was sent off for an early shower.

The Italian player has since admitted to verbally abusing Zidane, and Zidane himself, concurring that the Italian had a crack at him 3 times. Will FIFA do anything about it? I very much doubt it. After all, it was they who came up with the slogans Fair Play, For The Good Of The Game and my favourite, Keep Racism Out Of Football. So why should they police them? The Italians have hailed the player in question as the Man of the moment. The man who won them the Cup at any price.

I don't see 'Fair Play' or the 'Good Of The Game' being employed here. Nor do I see any proof of their players being anti-racisist. It seems perfectly obvious that their all-white team have something against other skin tones. A perfect reflection of the Olympic Games of 1936 ... in the self-same stadium with a certain little paperhanger in attendance.

However, that headbutt was a cracker. I've never seen that before.



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