Friday, October 13, 2006

Keep It To Yourself, Please ...

So publicity-shy Madonna has adopted a one-year old boy from Malawi ... and?

Personally, I am delighted.

But I'm also sick and tired of these poxy bloody celebs seeking publicity when doing such things. Why is it deemed necessary to class this as headline news?? The poor little sod will probably be raised by a nanny and then trotted out in the arms of 'Super-Mom' at film premieres, prize-givings and the like ... but only when 'Super-Mom' needs the attention. And then there's her own political views on a variety of subjects ... save us from those, for heaven's sake!

Maybe the adoption world might benefit from the occasional helping hand from the 'odd celeb', but there are many level-headed adults out there who are more than capable of making a realistic decision without the rubber stamp from the self-publicising super rich.

Children are adopted from all over the world by loving childless parents everyday, without the need for displays of vanity and self-adornment.

Madonna, shut it ...



Blogger Debbie said...

I could use a Malawi flag on my site. You don't happen to have the site she found him on do you?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 5:31:00 am  

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