Saturday, October 07, 2006

Up The Little Wooden Hill ...

When you think of staying in an hotel, does the name 'Travelodge' immediately spring to mind? No? I wonder why ...

On behalf of the Great British Public, Travelodge recently conducted a survey entitled "The Most Popular Sleeping Positions". This quite honestly boring poll unearthed some figures that only a 3rd-rate hotel would find interesting.

Their sleep behaviour poll suggests the most popular position is sleeping back-to-back but not touching. 27% of couples interrogated said that they adopted the so-called liberty pose, with the second most popular position, from 23%, being back-to-back but touching. The survey went on to say that of some 2,000 people asked, 92% of couples stick to the same side of the bed each night. I see the need of a change of sheets, eh Travelodge?

"Spooning" with the man on the outside, was adopted by 20% of couples while some 8% slept in the position with the woman on the outside. The "Lovers' Knot", where couples face each other, legs intertwined for about 10 minutes before separating to sleep, was favoured by 10%. But just 2% of respondents said they opted for the position without separating before going to sleep. "The Romantic", a favourite in Hollywood films in which the woman lies with her head and arm on a man's chest, was named by 4%.

And there was I, silly me, thinking that the favourite Travelodge position was the man slipping his wedding ring back on as the woman hurriedly gathered her belongings and left the room with a handful of £50 notes ...



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