Monday, October 16, 2006

Watch It ...

Until this morning, I did not have a watch that worked. If I do, then the strap is broken or the bracelet securing pins are bent out of shape.

Until I could lay my hands on a timepiece where everything was in good working order, I went to the market in Montrouge over the weekend to buy something 'pro-tem'. It was there that I fell upon the French version of Del Boy Trotter and his young assistant. I made my selection of montre, handed over €10 and walked away with this fine example of oriental craftsmanship - and a free battery.

One hour later it was still working but a housefly farted in the next apartment which caused the clasp to break. Back to square one. This morning the watch is still keeping good time and, with a bastardised first aid job with an old leather bracelet from Stu's Watch Museum, all seems to be back to normal.

The name on the face of this watch is ATIM. Not exactly a well known name and certainly not for €10. So, what does ATIM stand for? Well, there's;

Announcement Traffic Indication Message
Association of Title Information Management
Automatic Ticket Issuing Machine


A Tia I Mua (a trade union in Tahiti)

and my favourite;

Association Of Translators and Interpreters of Manitoba

I wonder what the time is in Churchill, Manitoba ... and do they know who Derek Trotter is?



Blogger Debbie said...

Another Timepiece Is Malfunctioning

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 5:30:00 am  

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