Friday, February 09, 2007

Bee In Their Bonnet ...

It's interesting to note that when the constantly-happy, red-haired Irish have anything to do with the English, there's always an underlying vein of "you bastards". They harp on about the days when the English Army arrived in their country, hence putting every member of my nationality under the same banner: 'English bastards. You f**king English bastards'. In bars, they will launch into some 'auld country song' at the drop of a hat, all about some local 'hero' who was shot trying to kill the invaders. Oh, such fun for all ...

It seems that in the world of sporting fixtures, these references will crop up. For example, before the Ireland/England game of the 6 Nations Rugby tournament: "Ireland could be without O'Driscoll and Horgan for England's visit in two weeks. That said, England will be without the machine guns and armoured cars from their last visit to Croke Park ..."

However, would it be fair if I were to accuse every Irish person of being a member of the IRA? Pointing the finger at everyone who can't pronounce 'th' properly, denouncing them all of coming to my country and casually bombing the shit out of people and property, causing havoc and death ... do you think they'd take it in good humour? I doubt it. Let alone if I was ask for quiet while I sang a ditty about hoards of dying Republicans to the tune of 'The Happy Wanderer'.

I was not responsible for the problems in your country. I was not there. It's 2007 now and I'm getting tired of this whining. Get over it.